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The well-being of practitioners

From surviving to thriving – emotions in action


01 Dec 2021

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An introduction to supervision in the Early Years

Securing a robust supervision system into each settings practice is a challenge, yet it is a key component to our work for many reasons. The role of supervision in early years settings remains a requirement in the latest statutory framework for the EYFS...


01 Oct 2021

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Growing self confidence as a leader

...and getting your team ready for a new term


01 Sept 2021

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Boosting self confidence

Starting with our 'body talk'


01 April 2021


Might you be a procrastinator?

Not getting done what you need to do?  Too busy to do the important things?


01 March 2021


The adult learning journey - mapping your starting point


01 Feb 2021


A model for change – neurological levels of learning

How can we improve parental engagement during this pandemic?


01 Dec 2020

Leadership learning.png

The importance of development feedback

Leadership Learning through a Coaching Approach


02 Nov 2020

Storming forming.png

Forming, storming, norming, performing...developing your teams

Leadership Learning through a Coaching Approach

01 Oct 2020

Capability cycle.png

Supporting new leaders with the capability learning cycle

Leadership Learning through a Coaching Approach

01 Sept 2020

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Leadership Learning through a Coaching Approach

01 Aug 2020

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