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" I took away a more positive attitude to my current challenges and a goal to restructure my life through routine and more positive thinking."

Amanda Kirk

Children’s Centre Leader

"The coaching helped me be more open to who I am as a person / leader and how other people view me and especially how I view myself. Knowing what is important and what I should spend less time worrying about."


Deputy Head

Nursery School, Greenwich

"I loved the way we went from a chaotic thought process with a lot of different muddled thoughts and chipped away at all of this and ended up with some very clear thoughts and actions which I felt i could achieve."

Neyire Ashworth, Musician

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

"It felt very satisfying. Everything about my role was feeling a bit jumbled as its been a pretty big learning curve to understand all the parts and how the parts fit together.  I reflected on things we had discussed after the sessions and feel more positive that there are processes I will manage now there are systems in place."



Nursery School

"After every session of the Leading Progress course I came away feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference in my EYFS setting.  Whether this was focusing on my own leadership skills, developing the skills of my team or working on developing the vision of my setting.  The course gave me the confidence and knowledge of how best to achieve my goals.  Thank you!"


Laura Dingley, Reception Teacher

St Josephs Primary School, Greenwich 

"Ruth is an outstanding colleague and I'm delighted to have her on the Linden Learning Coaching team.  Her coaching approach is thoughtful, considered and supportive.  She is also able to ask the difficult questions and quietly challenge when challenge is needed.  I have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach."

Jane Cook, Managing Director

Linden Learning Ltd

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